Friday, July 29, 2016

More Jars of Love

Here is another card made from my favorite….Jar of Love!  
It is a simple card …using Dapper Denim ink and cardstock….sponging around the edge for a night sky effect.  And for all of you who were sad when our White Gel Pens were discontinued….I have an even better solution for you.  Use our White Chalk Marker!!!  It makes an awesome night sky!! 
White Stampin' Chalk Marker
White Stampin' Chalk Marker
Price: $3.50
Looks like chalk, but it's permanent. Great for writing on chalkboard paper and dark cardstock.
* Single tip

And now….a thought for the day……so true…so true!
10978561_10153081759272210_4049526838997088438_n.jpg (480×480):
until next time……


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